Balloon Arch

A balloon arch is a perfect way to add colour and flair to any celebration, and because the balloon arch can be made using either a rigid structure, such as a metal frame, or can be more fluid and flexible, giving you greater flexibility where it can be positioned.


A good way of thinking about a balloon arch and how it can be used to it’s fullest potential is to view it as a frame, rather like a picture frame, with anything viewed within that frame as the canvas or photo. So anything that is framed by a balloon arch stands out.

Uses for Balloon Arches

  • Balloon arches are great for framing the head table, entrance to the reception, stage or dancefloor at your wedding or party celebration.
  • For a great effect have giant balloon arches sweeping from corner to corner over the dancefloor, enveloping your guests as they dance the night away.
  • A smaller balloon arch can be used to emphasise the wedding cake, choosing the balloon colours that will compliment the colours of the cake.
  • Set the scene straight away for your event. Place an arch at the entrance to your event and watch your guests’ excitement and anticipation build as they approach the magical arch knowing that, once they step through, fun times are ahead.
  • Make the guest, or guests, of honour feel like a prince or princess by having a colourful arch sweep over their chair.
  • Make your buffet stand out and invite guests in by framing the food table.

As you can see there are many uses for balloon arches and there are even more waiting to come out from your imagination. Go on, give it a go, see what you can come up with.