Disposable Helium

Where Can I Buy A Disposable Helium Canister?

It’s pretty much the first question that comes to mind when you’ve made the decision to have a party and you’re going to do the balloons yourself.

Then the next few questions rapidly being fired from your brain are usually:

“What types of balloons do we need?”

“How many balloons are we going to need to make an impact?”

“What colours shall we get?”

“Do we need special balloons or will normal air filled balloons do?”

“If we use helium balloons, where do we get the helium?”


Let us take the stress off your shoulders.

Whether you decide to let us take care of decorating your venue or house for you, or you choose to decorate yourself we can take care of all your questions, and some you may not have considered yet.

For those of you that like to decorate your own venue and would like us to supply your party balloons we have helium balloon kits to suit all ranges.

All our packages contain the balloons of your choice, helium to inflate the balloons and FREE ribbon, which compliments the colours of the balloons, for that extra special touch.

If you live in the Lancaster and Morecambe area and you would like to hire a helium cylinder click on over to our Lancaster and Morecambe Helium Hire page.